Since 2014 CTP MARKETING has been helping companies incorporate video into social media and we love it!  There has never been a faster more impactful change in how consumers connect with friends and family, receive entertainment, and make purchases in history!  When used properly,  the internet can change the course of any business allowing you to reach thousands, even millions of customers with relatively low cost.  You see, the cell phone and social media have changed the landscape of advertising forever!  They’ve actually leveled the playing field between the “Large Corporations” and the “small businesses.” Companies no longer have to spend thousands of dollars to reach their ideal client, but with so much competition how do you connect and thrive in this new economy?

1. “BE SOCIAL” – you must be social, interact, and genuinely care about our market to succeed online

2. “IMPLEMENT VIDEO” – over 70% of consumers’ time is spent watching videos, so you must incorporate video into your marketing to remain relevant in this new economy

3. “PROVIDE CONTENT” – you must identify how your product/service can solve your market’s problems and provide content in those particular areas; this builds trust and will establish a relationship with your future clients

4. “BE CONSISTENT” – there is no “overnight success” or “special secret” to online success; you must market weekly or even daily over time to establish a long-term, profitable relationship

5. “CREATE A SALES FUNNEL” – You must have a system in place that captures information (emails) and retargets your potential client’s; this will allow you to effectively sell your products and services on “auto-pilot” which is the real key to online success!

We know that most owners lack the time to implement and maintain a social media presence, so CTP Marketing is here to help.  We can make your company social, implement video, provide consistent content, and create an effective sales funnel to automate generating customers on social media! Our marketing will put your business ahead of the curve giving you the freedom to run your company!